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The INNOCN 39G1R Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor pairs well with the IPASON Gaming Desktop AMD Ryzen 5 5600G

Shenzhen Century Joint Innovation Technology Company Ltd. (INNOCN) is establishing itself as an innovator by developing premium monitors that alter the user experience. INNOCN monitors, known for their innovative technology, have received high accolades from leading media sites such as Forbes & Rolling Stone, which have praised them as among the finest products in the market.

The INNOCN Curved Gaming Monitor 39G1R is an ultra-wide monitor designed to provide an unrivalled gaming experience. When coupled with renowned gaming Computers like IPASON Gaming Desktop AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, considered the ideal cost-effective gaming desktop, the 39G1R monitor delivers an exciting gaming environment. The IPASON Gaming Desktop, with its potent processor & high-speed SSD, assures effortless operation and super quick loading times, allowing gamers to enjoy top PC games with ease. The IPASON Gaming Desktop, which features a motherboard by AMD Radeon Vega Graphics, improves visual quality, giving spectacular visuals for games such as PUBG and GTA 5, resulting in an excellent complement for the 39G1R monitor.

The 39G1R monitor is now available for $419.99 after a $30 discount for customers of Amazon in the United States, and €399 following a €170 voucher for Amazon consumers in the European Union (DE, FR, IT, ES).

The feature-rich 39G1R display performs admirably in gaming & streaming on services such as Hulu and Starz. The R3000 curvature of its 39-inch ultra-wide curvature panel immerses spectators in a theatrical experience. This monitor produces beautiful images because of its remarkable colour attributes, which include a 99% sRGB colour gamut, 3000:1 contrast ratio, with HDR 10 brightness. The elegant white design, enhanced with atmospheric LED lighting, gives style to any setting.

The 39G1R monitor is notable for its PIP/PBP capabilities, which allow for the simultaneous presentation of two sources. With this function, the 39G1R is a perfect multitasking device, ideal for work or play.

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