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The “Go Global” Strategy of Xiaomi’s Foreign Internet Business is Introduced at MWC

By publicly stating its “Go Global” strategic plan for the year 2023, broadening its collaborative relationships with international partners, and discovering emerging markets in internet services, Xiaomi’s IIB Department (International Internet Business), the global internet marketing arm of the Chinese consumer technology manufacturing company, wrapped their showcasing at Mobile World Congress (MWC), which is among the biggest events on the timeline for the global mobile tech sector.

The management group from Xiaomi’s IIB encountered clients and partners from all over the world during the exhibition in Barcelona over the course of a few days, including representatives from large international tech companies, promising start-ups, content providers, advertising agencies, and developers. “Due to our ongoing market research, MIUI’s business value has not yet achieved its full potential.  ” Stated Chan Liu, general manager of Xiaomi’s international internet business division.

Xiaomi provides a broad range of digital offerings for smart TVs & smartphones operating MIUI, an independent & customizable mobile Operating system produced by the company. As of Q3, 2022, MIUI had 563.9 million active users every month across over 100 countries, of which over 422 million were outside of the Chinese mainland. The sizeable user base supports Xiaomi’s global internet company across numerous regions, including the distribution of apps and games, services for integrating content, user growth, and client success. The net performance from foreign internet services grew 17.2% year over year to RMB1.7 billion in Q3 2022, setting a quarterly high. Additionally, its share of the total revenue from internet services increased to 24.2%, setting another quarterly record.

Game partnerships, which have helped many game designers with user development, were one of IIB’s main MWC topics. “Thanks to the company’s sizable customer base, as well as its precise and effective distribution and marketing of MLBB, our gaming partnership with Xiaomi’s IIB proved to be a great success. We are excited about continuing to collaborate with Xiaomi’s IIB to enter new areas and reach a larger audience with our fantastic mobile game “Director of MLBB Partnership Growth Xin Zhang said.

Regarding content continuous integration of IIB, it pertains to how to build a recreational ecosystem with content producers to bring benefits to users. “We now have quick and direct communication with millions of MIUI consumers worldwide thanks to our collaboration with Xiaomi’s IIB Team. The exposure gives us the ability to provide excellent video material to even more people and enable better entertainment for all.” Cecilia Wang, Director of Internet Marketing at Kwai, said.

To assist companies and software companies with their user development, IIB works with top partners in the sector. At MWC, AVOW, a global application profitable company with a German base that specializes in acquiring mobile OEM users, announced that its collaboration with IIB will be strengthened. Working with Xiaomi’s IIB means having a connection to one of the largest user bases in the world as well as getting the relevant user insights that matter to our clients. It is a pleasure to work with Xiaomi’s IIB team because they are efficient, always available, and dedicated to their job just as much as AVOW is. Both companies have the experience in subscriber growth but together we encourage developers & marketers to connect with their intended groups”, said CEO & Co-Founder of AVOW, Wildner. 

The collaboration of material on MIUI’s multiple channels, including the Wallpaper Slideshow (lock screen) & Mi Browser, was another topic of conversation between IIB and Taboola, and Glance.

“Our goal for 2023 is to go worldwide. In order to help both our partners and customers, we anticipate expanding our service portfolio to more markets. On the basis of MIUI as well as our smart TV, we are receptive to all forms of collaboration. MWC represents yet another stage of our fantastic ride.” said Chan Liu.

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