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The Global Priority Conference Summit will be held in Miami on this March organized by the FII Institute.

On March 30 and 31, 2023, in Miami, a (FII) Future Investment Initiative Institute will organize the global PRIORITY summit, which will bring together participants on all kinds of professions to discuss the issues that should be given top priority by each sector of society as the world undergoes extraordinary social, economic, and geopolitical changes.

The summit is held in collaboration with Miami, among the most diverse towns worldwide, which is presently experiencing massive expansion as a result of its thriving status as a hub for financial and technological investment.

The special summit will lay out a path is for world to overcome its most urgent problems.

PRIORITY is intended to serve as a forum for discussing issues that are the top priorities for each sector of society while also gaining a better grasp of the needs, desires, and expectations of humanity as a whole.

Expert leaders in fields like immigration, poverty, and climate change will have a rare chance to network with prospective collaborators at the summit and help projects advance from research stage to fully developed, practical solutions.

Beyond promoting critical discussion surrounding these problems, FII Institute has made direct investments in agencies bringing about transformation such as Red Sea Fields, which develops ecological agricultural technologies, and Timbeter, a group working to increase the availability of timber.

The summit aims to provide definitive answers to important queries like what new laws or organizations should be established to achieve each goal. How can people in different parts of the globe begin to comprehend and support one another in order to accomplish each priority? How can we urge the leaders of the world’s politics, economies, and cultures to prioritize each issue?

The FII Institute’s CEO, Richard Attias, stated: “A invaluable tool in the hands among those capable of change, PRIORITY is intended to bring our attention to the primary concerns of the people. This inclusive summit is centered on how to handle those issues and how to reinvent numerous social and business models of a global economy in order to create more prosperous and fulfilling lives.”

“Our primary concern is that the voices of the people do not go unheard,” he continued, “which is why we’re committed to organizing this global annual discussion to ensure that those in authority can pay any attention to the desires, hopes, and perceptions of our fellow citizens. This is component of FII Institute’s ambition to have a lasting, positive effect on our humanity.”

The summit, which is taking place in the thriving, forward-thinking, and expanding global hub of Miami, aims to integrate Miami’s DNA with its own. “Our world has never evolved as quickly as it has done today, and tech is really only driving this process,” said Francis X. Suarez, mayor of Miami. The Future Growth Initiative Institute Summit will bring together exceptional minds who will exchange their perspectives into how to unleash our potential in a constantly disrupting environment. As a result, we are pleased to be hosting this year’s version in Miami.

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