The Accenture’s ai.RETAIL system for merchants, retailers combines with Google Cloud services.

Along with updates to Accenture’s extensively utilized ai.RETAIL platform, Google Cloud and Accenture have revealed new initiatives to assist retailers in upgrading their business operations and gaining the benefits of cloud computing. These combine the top powers of Google Cloud in product research, AI, and data analytics. The two businesses also agreed to engage on go-to-market programs to offer retailers the resources and assistance they need to enhance store operations and build on their loyal consumer achievements.

Google Cloud with ai.RETAIL.

Customer engagement, assortment, pricing and promotional activities, and distribution network are just a couple of the conventional systems and programs that Accenture’s ai.RETAIL integrated solution helps retailers improve. currently, retailers can use the ai.RETAIL technology on Google Cloud Servers, extending its reliable infrastructure and enabling integration with a variety of Google Cloud’s services and features. 

The system provides unique features and advantages include:

  1. Comprehensive analysis of the supply chain: A supply chain administration tower assisted by Accenture’s Intelligent Supply Chain Network is part of ai.RETAIL. Customers can now more efficiently integrate information and obtain a realistic view their most crucial supply network indicators, such as logistics, procurement, inventory, and revenue, owing to greater integration across Google Cloud’s noteworthy features, such as Looker and Big Query. Then, retailers can adopt practices for supply chain divisions, conduct “what if” scenarios, calibrate forecast accuracy, and more.
  2. Personalized customer confronts powered by AI: Google Cloud service Discovered AI solutions for retailers & retail merchants now are part of ai.RETAIL. These solutions can enhance Google-quality auto-search functionality, reduce search errors, offer additional customized insights at scale, and enable customers find merchandise with images.Retailers will be able to break down information systems and use AI or ML to drive quantitative marketing engagements with additional integrations with Accenture’s Customer Data Infrastructure and Google Cloud’s Customer Data Platform.
  3. Assortment Efficiency: Retailers can now recognize, group, and optimize stores with comparable characteristics using new store clustering powers in ai.RETAIL, which uses Looker, Big Query, and Vertex AI. This will better assortment, management and monitoring, and inventory.  These suggestions can be refined by specific stores or store clusters and it will ultimately enhance overall sales performance. They include suggestions whether to retain, ease up, or eliminate particular products.

Supporting retailers to upgrade their businesses:

Accenture & Google Cloud are collaborating together on a significant, brand-new initiative to resolve the complex issues that retailers encounter, including employing artificial intelligence (AI). ai.RETAIL uses multiple technologies and products from both firms to assist businesses in optimizing their interactions with employees, customers, and storefronts. Retailers will have the ability to use ai.RETAIL service to modernize core components of their company when they have a deeper understanding of end-to-end processes.

According to Carrie Tharp, “Retailers & merchants are looking for innovative solutions that will enable them to analyses their enterprises & business structures and generate profits in all of their business functions, departments& processes, but they are more often restricted by decentralized data and outdated architecture.” Through our collaboration to Accenture, retailers can conveniently adopt comprehensive solutions that take advantage of the most advanced Google Cloud services and convey the real aspects of Ai and Machine learning, with tools and features that enable them to continuously optimize their business for today’s complex retail environment.

With changes in customer purchasing habits, retailers need to make more investments in establishing a modern facility that consisted entirely of a robust database, technological solutions. These technologies, which are cloud-powered, can assist our clients in identifying new trends, making decisions faster, and regularly resetting the organization as the market changes, according to Jill Standish, Accenture’s senior managing director who leads the Retail industry practice.

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