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Technip Energies & LanzaTech will collaborate on Groundbreaking CO2-to-Ethylene Technology.

Technip Energies (PARIS: TE) & LanzaTech Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: LNZA) entered into a Joint Collaboration Agreement to develop a new road to sustainable ethylene using their complementary technology. LanzaTech’s carbon capture and utilization technology, in collaboration with Technip Energies’ Hummingbird® technology, converts wasted carbon to ethylene, which is the most prevalent ingredient in petrochemicals.

Ethylene is a key component in the production of numerous chemicals and products, especially materials for plastics, laundry detergent, and even varnishes that maintain clinics sterile, individuals safe, and foodstuffs fresh. Its old manufacturing method additionally makes it one of the highest producers of greenhouse gas emissions in chemical manufacturing and one of the most difficult to decarbonize. This new collaborative approach begins with carbon emissions instead of virgin fossil carbon. Initially, up to 95% of the total CO2 in the flue gas is caught and combined with hydrogen through the ethylene cracker furnaces. The recovered waste carbon is then converted into ethanol using LanzaTech’s recycling process. Finally, the ethanol is dehydrated to ethylene using Technip Energies’ Hummingbird® process.

Since 2020, Technip Energies & LanzaTech have worked together on various sustainable solutions, including a collaboration with Borealis as well as On, a Swiss running shoe brand, to create EVA foam used in the soles of running shoes. Technip Energy also collaborates with LanzaJet, a separate business founded and split off by LanzaTech that uses Hummingbird® technology in its LanzaJetTM Alcohol-to-Jet process to produce renewable aviation fuel using ethanol.

“We are very pleased to be collaborating with LanzaTech on another sustainable solution, the next chance to decarbonize ethylene,” said Arnaud Pieton, CEO of Technip Energies. This ground-breaking technique will not only trap carbon but will also use it to produce a valuable end product.”

LanzaTech CEO Dr. Jennifer Holmgren stated, “By combining & incorporating our method with Technip Energies, we now have the potential for retrofitting ethylene crackers across the globe. It’ll support carbon reduction of a sector that has limited options today.” The sustainable manufacturing of one of the most commonly utilized commodity chemicals will affect the livelihoods of billions of people every day. We are establishing important paths towards becoming free of virgin fossil sources for the items we utilize in our daily lives through partnerships like the one we have with Technip Energies.”

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