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Swasth Savlon India titles Sachin Tendulkar the first-ever “Hand Ambassador” in an effort to encourage everybody to sanitize their hands.

In an innovative move, the Savlon Swasth Bharat Mission introduced the World’s first “Hand Ambassador” alongside Sachin Tendulkar, one of cricket’s best players ever. The Master Blaster, who is revered throughout the world for his enormous contributions to the game of cricket, has motivated generations with his numerous firsts in the sport’s past. As a Hand Ambassador, he now gives his exquisite hands to a special purpose on yet another first, encouraging billions of people to properly wash their hands.

Through creative experiences and initiatives, ITC’s Savlon Swasth Bharat Mission has been at the forefront of promoting a shift in behavior toward hand hygiene. One of the easiest, most efficient methods for preventing the spread of diseases is through routine handwashing. Preventable infections place a significant economic strain on our nation. The Savlon Swasth Bharat Mission advances its mission to foster a culture of hand cleanliness for a healthier country to Sachin Tendulkar serving as its first-ever Hand Ambassador.

The campaign, which was conceptualized by Ogilvy India, consists of a number of films that take an unexpected turn by making Sachin Tendulkar’s Hand the main character. Tendulkar uses the films to highlight the significance of maintaining good hand hygiene and to remind viewers to realize to wash their hands.

ITC Limited’s Divisional Chief Executive for the personal care goods Business, Sameer Satpathy, stated: “A vital component of daily sanitation that promotes good health is cleaning the hands using soap or handwash. For kids in specific and everyone in society to develop healthy habits, this requires constant emphasis and involvement. Leading the way in allowing this shift in hand hygiene behavior has been Savlon Swasth Bharat Mission. As the “Hand Ambassador” for Savlon Swasth Bharat Mission, Sachin is a strong supporter of this discipline, so we are thrilled to have him on board.” Sachin Tendulkar, a legendary cricketer, commented on the relationship: “A healthier society can be achieved by practicing good hand cleanliness. I’ve been actively engaged in it for a number of years. I was thrilled about the prospect of lending my hand—quite literally—to this initiative so when the Savlon Swasth Bharat Mission crew presented a distinctive and entertaining method of raising awareness about this important subject. The program was an absolute pleasure to work on. We all collectively expect that these compelling movies influence behavior and advance proper hand hygiene.”

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