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Hollywood actress Arden Cho is preferred by Korea Ginseng Corp.,to serve as their brand ambassador.

Hollywood actor Arden Cho has teamed up with Korea Ginseng Corp., a top-ranked ginseng and K-herb brand in the world, to boost its position in the American market. To tease the debut of their forthcoming ad promotion, headlined “The Secret to My Health and Beauty”, a business has shared glimpses of Arden at work in her new position.
“We honestly believe Arden Cho’s vibrant & healthful reputation, in combination with CheongKwanJang’s quick US market growth, produce the great chemistry,” stated CEO Heung-sil Lee.
Koreselect, a product portfolio especially designed to meet the needs of American consumers, helped Korea Ginseng Corp. make its first impression on US market previous year. The company hopes to leverage its 123-year legacy as the world’s top ginseng brand into a significant advantage as a worldwide healthy lifestyle company. The business intends to expand on that debut this year by launching HSW at New Product Expo West 2023, five fresh Korean red ginseng-based beverages. Additionally, as a crucial component of its effort to develop into an extensive American health brand, Korea Ginseng Corp. created an American R&d facility.

Arden Cho, a Korean American actress, debuted in Hollywood in 2006 and rapidly rose to prominence for her outstanding performances in The Dignity Roll, Chicago Med, Teen Wolf, & CSI: NY. Her most recent role was for a Netflix’s drama Partner Track, where she won praise for playing a self-assured young Asian lawyer who is struggling to breach out through glass ceiling at a men-dominated New York legal company. With her role in the eagerly awaited new Netflix show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Cho will garner even more media attention this year.
Mid-February saw the filming of the current “The Secret to My Health and Beauty” campaign, which will make its public premiere in mid-March. Its objective is to significantly raise name recognition of Korea Ginseng Corp.

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