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Google Stock: Quest Is on The Verge of a Decade-Long Revolution or Disruption?

Google’s stock (Alphabet) dropped 7% earlier this month after conversational AI Bard failed to complete a browse with 100% accuracy. Throughout a showcase, Bard provided misleading info regarding which observatory telescope was the first to photograph an exoplanet outside the solar system. Given how much further large language frameworks and generative AI have progressed, this was a small oversight; rather, the timing was just off, as ChatGPT of OpenAI, the bot enabling rival Microsoft’s Bing, had already been ruling media stories ever since November 30th rollout.

“We’re excited to reveal that the current Bing is operating on a modern, next-gen OpenAI large language engine which is more effective than ChatGPT and tailored especially for search,” Microsoft said one day after Bard’s failed demonstration. It incorporates key findings and improvements from ChatGPT as well as GPT-3.5 – and it is better, more precise, and more competent.”

For many years, both large organizations have already been getting ready for this moment. Microsoft announced a $1 billion investment in OpenAI a few years back, and a recent $10 billion project was announced last month. Meantime, DeepMind was acquired by Google in 2014. Google has previously developed communicative NLP models known as LaMDA, that are employed by Google’s Bard conversational AI technology.

The benefits of having 1st party data are demonstrated in Search. According to Statista, the business had an 84% worldwide desktop market share in search Engine at the end of Dec’22. Desktop market share fell slightly from 88% in Dec’15 to 84% in Dec’22. During that same time, Microsoft’s Bing share grew from 5% to 9%.

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