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AMD strengthens its concentration on AI with the latest Ryzen 7,000 CPUs

AMD announced its first Ryzen 7000 series chip featuring a built-in AI engine to speed up the generation of artificial intelligence content in a drive to compete with global giant Nvidia.

The upcoming Ryzen 7040 processors, which contain the Ryzen AI engine, will be the first to commercialize the XDNA GPU accelerators that AMD secured through its acquisition of Xilinx. The technology has the significant benefit of being more simply setup for a variety of applications and automatically adjusting to deliver the required power efficiency. During her keynote address at the CES conference this week, AMD Chair and CEO Lisa Su commented, “I consider these [AI-based chips] as the beginning of a wave.” “The significance of utilizing optimal computing for effective implementation has been discussed. Furthermore, we have observed the significance of this in our operations in big data centers and the cloud. We are now incorporating that into the sleek design of a notebook.”

Laptops with 25 billion transistors and a battery life of over 30 hours, the 4-nanometer 7040 processors are developed exclusively. The chips will be offered in more than 200 designs, Su stated in her CES speech, and are planned to be included in laptops from a range of hardware OEMs somewhere in March.

According to AMD representatives, the Ryzen CPUs are more as 20% faster and up to 50% better energy efficiency in Apple’s M2 chip. Also, the improved real-time user experiences in video conferencing and user efficiency are also aided by enhanced performance and energy efficiency. The new AI engine may improve AMD’s competitive position in the fiercely competitive market for AI-based chips.

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