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Africa Gets More Water Kudos to the Metaverse

Innovation Africa and Africarare, Africa’s First Metaverse collaborate to deliver fresh water supply to Africa through the Metaverse.

Africarare, the continent’s first metaverse, has partnered with the nonprofit organization Innovation Africa in a historic move to assist in providing clean drinking water to people all over the continent. Using Israeli solar, water, and agricultural technologies, the partnership aims to change lives by empowering rural communities and giving them clean drinking water and light.

Despite advancements, over 418 million Africans still do not have fundamental access to clean drinking water. Since 2008, Innovation Africa has successfully implemented over 800 projects in all over 10 African nations, enhancing the livelihoods of over 4 million people and attempting to reroute this trajectory.

Africarare is building a special Development as Africa village in Ubuntu land to highlight the company’s life-changing work in order to advance this goal. The impact of their work on people’s lives can be seen, success stories can be experienced, and viewers can discover the various technology used in this village.

Additionally, Africarare will introduce its distinctive “Drops of Life” line of Water Drop NFTs. Each of the five water drops in the collection—Diamond, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Bronze—has a unique quality and variation depending on the kind of donation the buyer makes. For instance, the Diamond Drop would then supply a village with enough water to sustain them. It also includes a physical journey to the village to flip on the taps for the initial time and a 3×3 town in Ubuntu land where users can view all water production-related data in 3D.

The “Drops of Life” NFTs will go on sale in the middle of 2023, with all sales proceeds going to Innovation Africa’s ongoing initiatives.

Co-founder & CEO of Africarare Mic Mann expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, saying, “We are honored to support Innovation Africa in their amazing work, and we think that by utilizing the metaverse & Web3, we can assist them in achieving their objectives in a novel and engaging manner. You have the ability to change someone’s life for best by taking part in the Drops of Life fundraising event.”

We are genuinely eager to start working with Africarare and take advantage of this special opportunity to foster NFTs for benefit while enabling each customer to have an immediate, substantial, and revolutionary effect with every Drop of Life purchase. Water access is a fundamental human right, not a luxury, and we appreciate your help, said Sivan Ya’ari, the CEO and founder of Innovation Africa.

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